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Gaskets may seem like simple components, but if you want your machine to perform, they need to be perfect. That’s why we have invested in the world’s leading knife-cutting table, the Atom Flashcut Flex 3015.

Atom knife-cutting systems are unrivalled in their field of heavy industry, and the Flashcut Flex 3015 is the ultimate tool in modern gasket production techniques. Its build quality and software are specifically engineered for this sector, and its high quality components deliver stunning accuracy and cutting capability.

With a working area of 3050mm x 1550mm, we’re able to manufacture gaskets in a vast range of sizes, and the machine is optimised for cutting semi-rigid and rigid materials up to 12mm thick. We can manufacture gaskets using CNAF, foam, rubber, cork, mica, sponge, graphite, tanged graphite and PTFE. 

Κοπή Παρεμβυσμάτων σύμφωνα με σχέδιο ή δείγμα Κοπή Παρεμβυσμάτων σύμφωνα με σχέδιο ή δείγμα

Performance is enhanced by state-of-the-art features including a partitioned adjustable vacuum system that can adapt to material type or location on the table, which results in the best fixing during the cutting process. And customised systems for automatic nesting have dramatically reduced our order processing time.

Since Inmars expanded into gasket production in 2020, we’ve continually upgraded our technology. This investment in innovation shows our commitment to reducing your downtime.

Rubber Roller Coating

Repair and roller coating with rubber, polyurethane or silicone offers the following benefits:
  • High strength from wear and tear
  • Small effect form cleaning and degreasing products
  • Temperature resistance up to 180 °C
  • Exceptional dynamic characteristics for linear speeds up to 900m/min
  • Very good resistance to ozone
  • Antistatic characteristics
  • Antistick characteristics

Repair service for Mechanical Seals

Dismantling, cleaning and inspection of seal
Accurate analysis of repair requirements
Determine operating conditions if necessary
Root cause analysis
Service plan
Proposal for improved materials
Cost estimation and quotation
Replacement of worn, and unsuitable parts
Lapping or replacement of seal faces if necessary
Inspection of face flatness
Replacement of elastomers, springs, gaskets and set screws
Re-assembly of seal
Inspection of fit and finish of all components
Possible pressure test upon request
Packaging and delivery to customer

Teflon™ Industrial coatings

Teflon™ Industrial coatings offer the following attributes:
Few solid substances adhere permanently to a Teflon™ industrial coating. Tacky materials may stick temporarily, but almost all substances release easily.
Teflon™ industrial coatings lower the kinetic coefficient of friction to a range of 0.05 and 0.20, depending on the load, sliding speed, and coating.
Teflon™ industrial coatings can operate continuously at temperatures up to 260 °C (500 °F) and be used for intermittent service up to 316 °C (600 °F), with adequate ventilation, without affecting other properties.
Because the low porosity of Teflon™ industrial coatings enables greater permeation resistance, chemical environments tend not to affect them. The only chemicals that may have a negative effect are molten alkali metals and highly reactive fluorinating agents.
Teflon™ industrial coatings resist water (hydrophobic) and oil (oleophobic). The low surface energy of the coatings creates cohesive forces strong enough to make water bead up and not spread across the coatings’ surfaces.
Teflon™ industrial coatings have a high dielectric strength, low dissipation factor, and high surface resistivity over a wide range of frequencies. Adding fillers to certain coatings facilitates their use as anti-static coatings.
Excellent durability and toughness help Teflon™ industrial coatings resist scratches and abrasion. Coatings with added fillers keep scarring to a minimum.
Many Teflon™ industrial coatings comply with regional food contact regulations such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA 21CFR).

LUBExpert Service

Υπηρεσία Λίπανσης Lubexpert Inmars

Poor greasing practices are a leading cause of bearing failure. Less than 40% of bearings will last long enough to deliver their engineered value and over or under lubrication is most often to blame.

Many lube departments re-grease on a wasteful calendar-based schedule. But, this leads to over and under greased bearings that fail to deliver their engineered value.

Grease reduces friction in bearings. Less friction means longer life. LUBExpert alerts you when friction levels increase, guides you during re-lubrication, and prevents over and under lubrication.

LUBExpert is an ultrasound solution that helps you Grease Bearings Right. Use the right lubricant at the right location using the right intervals and the right quantities while receiving the right indication of a task well done including bearing status.

The LUBExpert is a complete ultrasound solution to manage your acoustic lubrication program and ensure you GREASE BEARINGS RIGHT.

LUBExpert’s Onboard Ultrasound Assistant
ensures you Grease Bearings Right


Different applications require different lubricants. But, which one is the right one? LUBExpert’s onboard assistant helps you select the correct grease and reminds you of the bearing’s maximum capacity.


With potentially thousands of assets to manage, how can you be sure you’re greasing the right bearings? LUBExpert’s onboard assistant guides you through your plant using UAS’s tree structured navigation.


Whether you lubricate on a calendar-based or condition-based schedule, LUBExpert and Ultranalysis Suite alert you when bearings are due for relubrication. Alarms triggered by SDT’s evolutionary FOUR CONDITION INDICATORS make sure the “squeaky wheel” gets the grease on time.


Over and under lubrication are to blame for most lubrication related failures. LUBExpert’s onboard assistant continuously calculates friction levels between half shots of grease advising you to add more – or stop when optimal friction levels are reached.


LUBExpert delivers confidence to the task of re-greasing bearings. The onboard assistant guides you smoothly through the task and concludes with a GOOD, BAD, or SUSPECT result. Activities are tied back into UAS Suite data management software where logical reports illustrate before and after, quantity of grease added per point, and total grease consumed by department or plant.

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